Visit to Pyramid Valley for MBA Students

Pyramid Valley: Rejuvenate and Find Inner Peace at the Pyramid The virtues of a getaway cannot be measured. There is nothing more rejuvenating than stepping out of the daily routine and taking a pause to admire the beauty of the world around us and within us. Situated 30 kilometers from Bangalore, there is a heaven for those who look for spirituality outside the old world realms of religion and ritual. The world’s largest meditation pyramid stands tall, an emphatic and harmonious presence that juts out of the surrounding landscape. Within this pyramid, up to 5000 people can meditate peacefully with no space constraints. This pyramid is part of Pyramid Valley or Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam, an international meditation centre that is dedicated to spiritual wisdom and attainment of self-realization. Pyramid Valley – An Overview The founder of Pyramid Valley, Brahmarshi Patriji had one thing in mind when he set up this oasis of new age spirituality in the picturesque Kebbedoddi village in the year 2003 – a single platform where spiritual masters and leaders from across the globe can converge and collaborate for the betterment of all the societies. The Pyramid Valley is run by the Pyramid Spiritual Trust, which organizes several events on the large campus dedicated to the field of spiritual science. One of the events includes the Global Congress which attracts new age, spiritual masters, from across the country and internationally too.